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Hybrid Inverters


  • 15~20kw
  • Three Phase
  • High Voltage

Technical Parameters

Inhenergy HI-15-20K-TH SERIES inverter, ranging from 15-20kw, It is compatible with high voltage Li-Ion batteries ranging from 150 to 600V. Support generator interface to meet a variety of usage needs. Support up to six inverters connected in parallel, with a maximum output power of 120kw.

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    Core Value
    Future proof battery ready
    Low initial investment

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    High Yields
    DC/AC ratio up to 1.5
    Max. efficiency 98%

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    Safety and Reliability
    Type II SPD on DC side
    Support export limitation

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    Leading Functions
    UPS function, 10ms transition
    Smart Meter Integrated

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    System Flexibility
    Support lithium and lead-acid battery
    Whole home backup

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    Support GEN

Technical Data
Technical DataHI-15K-THHI-20K-TH
PV String Input Data

Max. DC input power23000W30000W
Max. DC input voltage1 100V1 100V
Nominal input voltage600V600V
MPPT working voltage range180V-1000V 180V-1000V 
Number of independent  MPPT / strings per MPPT2/1+12/1+1
MPPT max. current30A/30A30A/30A
Start-up voltage/Min.operating voltage200V/180V200V/180V
AC Output/Input Data (On-grid)

Nominal output apparent power15000W20000W
Max. output apparent power16500VA22000VA
Nominal output voltage400V±20%400V±20%
Nominal ouput freqency50Hz, 60Hz/±5Hz50Hz, 60Hz/±5Hz
Max. output current24A32A
Power factor-0.8~+0.8(adjustable)-0.8~+0.8(adjustable)
THDi<3%(Nominal Output)<3%(Nominal Output)
Grid system pattern3L+N+PE3L+N+PE
Max.apparent power from utility grid30000VA40000VA
Max.AC current from utility grid48A64A
Back-up Output Data (UPS)

Peak output apparent power16500VA,10s22000VA,10s
Nominal output apparent power15000VA20000VA
Nominal output voltage400V±20%400V±20%
Nominal ouput frequency50Hz/60Hz50Hz/60Hz
Output THDV<3%<3%
Automatic switch time<20ms<20ms
Battery Input Data

Battery typeLi-IonLi-Ion
Battery voltage range150V-600V150V-600V
Max. charging/discharging current50A50A
Battery capacity(AH)50-200050-2000
Charging strategy for Li-Ion batterySelf-adaption to BMSSelf-adaption to BMS

Max. effificiency98%98%
Europe effificiency97.5%97.5%
Max. battery to load effificiency98%98%

Anti islanding protectionYesYes
Insulation impedance protectionYesYes
RCD detectionYesYes
PV reverse polarity protectionYesYes
Output over voltage protectionYesYes
Output over current protectionYesYes
General Data

Dimensions(W/L/H)in mm403/465/285403/465/285
Operation temperature range-25℃~+60℃-25℃~+60℃
Heat dissipation modeSmart coolingSmart cooling
IP ClassIP 65IP 65
Maximum altitude4000m4000m
Self-Consumption night<3w<3w

LCD displayYesYes
Communication interfaceWiFi/4G/USB/CAN/RS485WiFi/4G/USB/CAN/RS485
StandardsEN 62109-1/EN 62109-2/EN 62477-1/IEC 61000-6-1/IEC 61000-6-3/CEI 0-21/ UNE 217001/UNE 217002/VDE 0126/IEC 61727/IEC 62116/EN 50549-1/G98/ G99/AS 4777.2EN 62109-1/EN 62109-2/EN 62477-1/IEC 61000-6-1/IEC 61000-6-3/CEI 0-21/ UNE 217001/UNE 217002/VDE 0126/IEC 61727/IEC 62116/EN 50549-1/G98/ G99/AS 4777.2