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Commercial PV On-grid Solution

If you have a large site, then Commercial PV On-grid Solution is the right choice for you. Inhenergy will take care of the entire process for you, and with a 10 year long quality guarantee, you can get a high-yield PV solution easily.




  • neiyechunengjiejuefanganyoushiUpto7-964.svg

    Max efficiency up to 99%

  • neiyechunengjiejuefanganyoushiSeamlessswitching-476.svg

    Up to 10 years warranty

  • neiyechunengjiejuefanganyoushiNaturalheatdissipation-838.svg

    High DC/AC ration 1.3 for higher yields

  • neiyechunengjiejuefanganyoushiIncreasetheselfsufficiency-700.svg

    Up to 4 MPP trackers

  • 651-515.png

    Integrated die casting, IP65 protection

  • neiyechunengjiejuefanganyoushiUpto7-156.svg

    Smart fan design, sound proof < 50DB

  • neiyechunengjiejuefanganyoushiSeamlessswitching515-998.svg

    String intelligent monitoring


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    SI-33~40K-T2 SERIES

    The product of choice for industrial and commercial PV systems  is the Inhenergy SI 33-40KW T2 series. The fuse-free design, support for AFCI function, and anti-backflow function greatly improve the reliability and functionality of the product.

    • chanpinxiangqingyeyoushisuijitubiao1-884.png

      OLED display, touch button design, simple operation

    • chanpinxiangqingyeyoushisuijitubiao-645.png

      Maximum efficiency 98.5%, dual MPPT, more power generation

    • gongsijieshaoyoushishuju6-656.png

      14A string current, suitable for high power modules

    • guangfuban-279.png

      130% DC over configuration, 110% of the AC output overloaded

  • 34.1.png
    SI-45~60K-T2 SERIES

    The product of choice for industrial and commercial PV systems is the Inhenergy SI 45-60KW T2 series. Compact design, weighing only 40kg, makes it easy to install and transport, minimizing user costs. Wide MPPT operating voltage range and very low start-up voltage ensure longer operating times and more power generation, maximizing customer profitability.

    • chanpinxiangqingyeyoushisuijitubiao1-176.png

      OLED display, touch button design, simple operation

    • chanpinxiangqingyeyoushisuijitubiao-295.png

      Maximum efficiency 98.5%, 3 MPPTs, more power generation

    • gongsijieshaoyoushishuju6-969.png

      14A string current, suitable for high power modules

    • guangfuban-573.png

      130% DC over configuration, 110% of the AC output overloaded

  • 14.3.png
    SI-70~80K SERIES

    Inhenergy SI 70-80KW SERIES products are widely used in distributed and ground power plant projects such as industrial and commercial rooftops, mountainous hills, agriculture, and fishery complimentary light. The 4-MPPT, equipped with a self-developed MPPT algorithm, has a conversion efficiency of up to 99%, further improving power generation and investment returns. Diversified communication methods to meet the communication access needs of different customers.

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      OLED display, touch button design, simple operation

    • fuyong1-728.png

      Maximum efficiency 99%, dual MPPT, more power generation

    • guangfuban-498.png

      130% DC over configuration, 110% AC overload output

    • shouyeshangyongjiejuefangangaoxiaofadian-626.png

      Wide PV voltage range





    INHE EMS & INHElink APP monitor system provides you with a clear overview of how your PV plant、Energy storage system works.

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      Secure and reliable connection and communication capabilities

    • b2icon11.svg

      Integrated monitoring and comprehensive visualisation

    • b2icon12.svg

      Support for remote device control and parameter setting

    • b2icon13.svg

      Fast station building and equipment binding


    • b2icon11-514.svg

      Safe operation and traceable information

    • b2icon12-614.svg

      Platform support for household, commercial and industrial rooftops

    • 63f6d61a254ab-217.svg

      Statistics and analysis of string inverter faults